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Stitches on demand

***ATTENTION SMA LICENSEES: Please read the information below regarding changes to the SMA Approvals On Demand system effective August 1, 2013 ***


JPatton’s SMA Approvals On Demand system is now integrated with SMA’s SMART system. This system integration allows approved design submissions to be automatically added as Products to your SMART account. Please note, this feature is for licensees’ convenience and not required. If your company does not track sales by SKU and doesn’t use the Product Upload feature in SMART, please leave the SKU and Contract Name fields blank. Below are the major points of change made to facilitate this process:

1. Submitting a Design - Part 4 of the submission process will now include SKU and Contract Name fields.

A. Enter the product’s SKU. If not known at the time of submission, you may enter this information later, after the design has been approved. The approved design will be in the “Final Approval” tab on AOD.

B. Select the correct Contract Name in which the design would be associated. After selecting the Contract Name, please wait a moment as the AOD system pulls your contract information and populates corresponding data:

2. Submitting SKU Information After Approval - If the SKU information is not known at the time of submission, this information may be entered after its approval. By entering SKU information and the clicking “Post”, AOD will send your design information to SMA’s SMART system for proper royalty tracking.

NOTE: It is the licensees responsibility to submit ALL design information to SMART. Approved designs in which royalties will be reported must be submitted from the “Final Approval” status, regardless if the information was entered upon submission.

Approvals On Demand is a highly customizable workflow-based online quality control application. Approvals On Demand intelligently routes, allows for on screen commenting, archives and reports all electronic submissions including PDF, audio and video files. This program provides users with a central repository for all approval related activity.

  • Custom Routing
    JPatton can customize routing on Approvals On Demand to expedite the approvals process and allow for a fast, organized and structured approach to the reviewing process. All reviewers may add their feedback regarding design submissions while assigning a "Gatekeeper" to monitor the work-flow and provide the collective decision on a design status.
  • 3rd Party Reviewing
    Only need to send a design to a 3rd party occasionally? JPatton's AdHoc process makes it easy. Send your 3rd party an email to invite them to review a submission. You may send in a sequential order or have a simultaneous 3rd party review with multiple reviewers.
  • Multiple Design File Types
    Approvals On Demand can accept multiple files types for ease and convenience of the submitting user. Files types include SWF, PDF, JPEG and PNG files.
  • Audio / Video Submissions
    Whether it is a radio ad or a TV spot, JPatton's Approvals On Demand system can handle it. Imagine being able to stop a radio or TV spot and comment on a specific phrase or frame! Additionally, reviewers may bookmark a specific point in the audio or video for reference when commenting.
  • Reporting
    From average review time to an easy product line review, JPatton can provide standard reports suited to your needs. Export your report to Excel or to a PDF. Even filter who can see specific reports within your organization.