Utilizing our portfolio of security technologies, JPatton protects your physical products and online presence.

Product Authentication Labels

To protect you and your product from fraud or product liabilities, authentication labels are essential. In order to have a supply of authentication labels that are produced to quality standards, with accurate information and appropriate materials, you should work with a company that understands the significance of product authentication and has a record of producing high quality authentication labels for others.

These are all excellent reasons why JPatton is an ideal choice to team up with to take care of your product authentication needs. We have a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and overall experience, with both distributing and protecting major company and product brands throughout the world. If you want someone who has the experience and the understanding to best serve your brand, JPatton is a great choice. We distribute products all around the world, which means your dreams and your market potential are the true limit to how far our brand authentication labels can reach for you.


Specializing in patented holographic security technologies, JPatton's security markers are designed to reduce counterfeit goods, diminish gray market diversion, preserve brand reputation, and capture lost revenue.

Our process allows us to create unique shapes, eye catching graphics, and unprecedented visual effects. JPatton offers the ability for creativity and individuality in tag & label design.

In what is traditionally an industry of limited opinions, highly flexible converting and finishing processes are what set JPatton’s products apart from the rest of the holographic industry.


In order to produce the most secure markers and deter counterfeiters, JPatton includes advanced overt, covert, and forensic security features to each marker.

  • Overt security elements allow consumers to visually verify the authenticity of products.

  • Covert security features, not visible to the human eye, require enforcement teams to use special devices to view the hidden features.

  • Forensic security components require in-depth analysis in a laboratory environment and can be used as evidence for litigation.


  • Security hang tags & labels
  • Clear holographic film, paper based, and Eco-friendly
  • Heat-seal transfers
  • Sew-on labels
  • Woven labels
  • Encapsulated labels
  • Anti-tamper package/box seal
Security hang tags & labels
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Brand authentication



Utilizing cloud based servers, JPatton provides a solution for mobile product verification and item tracking throughout the supply chain. Our Track and Trace system reports up-to-date information through smart phones, tablets and desktop units. JPatton can offer additional data fields to the software that can record the origin of the trace by geographic location or more specifically by retail location. This information can be presented in report form to determine patterns or locations that may be repeat offenders.


The rapid growth of e-commerce brings increased exposure to online brand abuse. JPatton offers an innovative and proactive solution. The system monitors and finds trademark infringement, counterfeit goods and brand abuse across multiple platforms.

  • Analyzes content and metrics of each website
  • Sophisticated algorithms to automatically prioritize the level of risk
  • Pattern recognition finds major brand abusers
  • Effective enforcement tools

Websites | Marketplaces | Mobile Apps | Social Media

Online brand protection

The next step in online enforcement is conducting a verification purchase. This process connects the online and physical worlds.

After we have identified high risk websites, JPatton purchases the suspected counterfeit product. We analyze the security marker and serial number to verify authenticity. Additionally, we trace the movement of the item to track possible diversion within the supply chain.

If the product is determined to be counterfeit, we will prepare an evidential package for enforcement and possible litigation.